Farm and job site anti-theft detector for machinery and tools

The farm and jobsite anti-theft system has been developed for the protection of machinery and tools. It is an easy and intuitive anti-theft system which detects attempts of theft of goods (also of big dimensions) indoors and outdoors. The alarm can be kept active also when people are working close to the objects which have been secured.

This anti-theft system is particularly useful for the protection of:

  • machinery and tools in job sites
  • objects exhibited in courts
  • tractors, machinery and tools on farms
  • doors
  • tanks
  • temporary fences
  • all situations where an alarmed chain or padlock is useful

“Any operator on the job site is able to switch it on and secure our equipment.”


Vibrations are not detected by the analyser contained in LiteBLOCK, so they generate no false alarms .

  • simple and auto-setting: all you have to do is pass the cable around the tools as a chain
  • safe: it protects even the entry gate (pre-alarm)
  • reliable: does not generate false alarms caused by animals. The cable must be moved to generate an alarm.
  • sturdy: it uses an armoured cable, which resists to any construction site
  • certain: the optical fibre cannot be bypassed, unlike an electrical cable
  • It can be active H24: people can freely walk nearby

Farm anti-theft system

Anti-theft system on job sites

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I protect boats in water?

Yes, you can protect boats. For example, by leaving an analyser on land and putting the cable around/through the boat. In this case, as the boat would move, the analyser used will not be sensitive to fiber movement, but only to fiber cut. The analyser used will be a LiteSUN.

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