Anti-theft system for solar panels

This system protects every single solar panel, triggering an alarm in case of theft attempt.

Protect your solar panels with our anti-theft system

Plastic fiber LiteWIRE links all the solar panels like a padlock and is connected to a LiteSUN Plus analyser. Only bends and the cut of the fiber during a theft attempt can trigger an alarm on your alarm panel. This system is free of false alarms, as it is not sensitive to vibrations, so weather conditions (like wind, rain or snow), leaves and birds do not trigger any false alarms. The system is compatible with any alarm panel or GSM dialler of your  choice.

In addition, as plastic fiber is an insulating material, the system is not affected by any electromagnetic noise.

If only the cut of the fiber needs be detected a simpler analyser, LiteSUN, can be used.

This system works like a padlock: the fiber plastic is attached to the solar panels to link them together and is connected to the analyser LiteSUN Plus, which detects both the cut and the bend of the fiber. When an attempt of theft results in a deformation or interruption of the fiber, the optical analyser LiteSUN Plus detects the variation of the light signal and triggers an alarm.

After that, if the fiber has remained intact, the system resets automatically, adapting to the (new) position.

  • Analyser LiteSUN Plus (detecting both bend and cut) or LiteSUN (detecting only cut of fiber), one every 250/300m of LiteWIRE

  • Type of plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE Simplex anti-UV

  • Affixing items One on every solar panel

This anti-theft system is composed of 3 elements:

  • LiteSUN Plus analyser, which sends a light signal and analyzes the flow of light received, generating an alarm both when the cable is cut and when the cable is bent or stretched out.
  • Plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE (with anti-UV filters for installation in the direct sunlight) which transmits the light signal

  • Affixing elements which secure the fiber to the solar panels:

    •   drilled bolts: the rectangular nut cannot be unscrewed if the fiber is inserted in the head.

    • drilled pins: quick to position, only for rooftop installations

    •  fast bolts, that must be used only in combination with LiteSUN Plus, sensitive both to bend and cut of fiber. They are quick to install, they allow easy maintenance of the panels: the fiber can be easily removed by authorized operators, for example to replace a solar panel.

    • special glue that attaches fixes the fiber to the panel with little effort and cost-effectively. It is used in combination with LiteSUN Plus, sensitive both to bend and cut of fiber.

If only the cut of the fiber needs be detected a simpler analyser, LiteSUN, can be used.

Every analyser manages up to 300m of fiber, either in a loop connection or in a point-to-point connection. According to the connection scheme, LiteSUN Plus can be used as a single transmitter, receiver, repeater or single loop transceiver. Both LiteSUN and LiteSUN Plus have a normally closed dry contact which makes them compatible with any alarm panel or GSM dialler of your choice .

In order to check that the fiber is installed correctly throughout the installation process, the LiteSUN Plus can have a user-friendly, built-in Power Meter.

Advantages of  our anti-theft system for solar panels

  • Easy  and quick to install
  • Every single panel is protected
  • Zero false alarms (insensitive to vibrations and ground loops)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE is used, which is easy to terminate and repair (basic tools are required, no measuring instrument)
  • Compatible with any alarm panel or GSM dialler.




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