Copper wire security

LiteCOPPER is a specific solution for the protection of copper cables, both in underground corrugated ducts and in cable trays. This system triggers an alarm before the cable is removed, because it also detects when a manhole lid is lifted or when the a cable tray is opened, allowing prompt intervention to prevent actual theft. A cable in plastic fiber, LiteWIRE, runs along the copper wires and is affixed to manhole lids or tray covers: an analyser, LiteCOPPER, senses when the plastic fiber cable is moved and triggers an alarm.

How it works

The operating principle of this system is that there is a variation of a light signal when the cable in plastic fiber is bent or stretched out. This variation is detected by the analyser, which triggers an alarm.

plastic optical fibre cable, either standard or with anti-rodent armouring, is laid along the copper wires and clamped to them.

When an attempt of theft of copper cables causes flections on the fiber or interrupts it, the optical analyzer LiteCOPPER detects the variations of the lights signal and triggers an alarm. After that, if the fiber has remained intact, the system resets automatically, adapting to the (new) position.

This anti-theft system is composed of 3 elements:

  • LiteCOPPER: an optical analyser that sends a light signal and analyses the flow of light it receives.
  • LiteWIRE: the cable in plastic optical fiber which transmits the light signal. For installations in underground ducts, the fiber is protected with a double steel armouring with an anti-rodent function.
  • Fast bolt, either for standard or armoured cable. Once it has been attached to the lid of the manhole or to the cover of the cable tray, this bolt transforms the opening of the lid (and the consequent flexion of the cable) into a light variation, so that the analyser LiteCOPPER can trigger an alarm as soon as the lid is opened.

A user-friendly, built-in Power Meter helps the installer check if the fiber has been placed correctly thoughout the installation.


  • Alarm already when the manhole lid  or cable tray cover are opened, allowing prompt intervention
  • Both cables and manholes/cable trays are secured
  • Easy and quick to install
  • No maintenance required after installation.
  • Can be installed at any time, even when the system is active
  • Cables and manholes fully maintainable
  • Immune to any electromagnetic noises generated by the protected wires

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meters of cable can I protect with a single analyser?

You can protect up to 250m of copper cable with a single analyser. In case of underground cables, you may also include the protection of up to 10 manhole lids, detecting if they are opened.

How do I fasten the fast bolts to the manhole lids?

The fast bolts have a screw and a dowel, so they can be fastened to concrete or metal lids.


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