Grilled and rigid electro-welded fences: intrusion detection

Rigid electro-welded fences and grilled fences can be effectively and easily protected by a system which is very robust to false alarms. Special, totally passive movement sensors (SV Lite sensors), mounted on the fence , detect intruders climbing over or trying to dismantle fence modules. This intrusion detection is transmitted via plastic fiber to the analyser, which triggers an alarm.

Inside and outside the fence, all the area remains fully available and walkable: people and vehicles can go along the fence also when the perimeter protection system is active. Anti-intrusion detection can be kept active also H24.

How it works

This system is applied to gratings and rigid electro welded fences with a min. height of 145cm.

Grilled and rigid electro-welded fences do not bend under the weight of an intruder, but, rather, move back and forth in response to the strain caused by an intruder climbing over.  LiteFENCE Lite analysers send and receive an encrypted light signal, transmitting it though a plastic fiber cable which runs along the fence. Every about 40m, the plastic fiber cable crosses a totally passive SV Lite Sensor attached to the fence. This sensor can detect the fluctuations caused by climbing attempts: inside the sensor, two fibers facing each other misalign, constrained to move only along the same axis in which the fence sways.  This misalignment interrupts light transmission and  the LiteFENCE Lite analyser triggers an alarm.

Simple vibrations resulting from weather conditions or moving vehicles do not create a swing capable of completely interrupting light transmission in the fiber. Therefore the system has an excellent resistance to false alarms and does not require adjusting, new learning phases or software.

Quick technical facts
SV Lite SensorTOTALLY PASSIVE, protects up to 40m of streight fence
LiteFENCE Lite analysermanages up to 3 SV Lite sensors

It’s increadibly easy to adjust sensitivity!


  • The SV Lite sensor is completely passive and is not affected by electrical discharges and lightning. It is totally insensitive to electromagnetic interferences, so it is suitable also for difficult environments.
  • 100% reliable: the system detects whenever the fence is being climbed over, remaining immune to false alarms
  • Easy to install: the sensitivity of the system can be adjusting by placing the SV Lite sensor on a higher or lower position on the fence, no need for long calibration operations. The system can work also in presence of small vegatation, cutting down on maintenance costs for vegetation
  • Simple: it can be quickly installed by anyone, since it uses LiteWIRE plastic fibre
  • Cost effective: reduces installation time and does not require maintenance over the years
  • All the area is available
  • Active also H24: people can walk nearby

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fence is it suitable for?

Grilled fences and rigid electro-welded fence with a minimum height of 145cm. We suggest sending us a picture of the fence to be protected in order to be sure if LiteFENCE Lite and SV Lite Sensors are suitable

Can I adjust the system sensitivity?

Yes, simply placing the sensor on a higher position (higher sensitivity) or on a lower position (lower sensitivity).

Where is SV Lite Sensor placed on the fence?

SV Lite Sensor is placed on the grating module, in case of a grilled fence, and on the post in case of a rigid electro-welded fence. For any doubts, just double-check this issue with our staff before installation.

How many meters of fence can an SV Lite protect?

Up to 20m in both directions (so 20+20m=40m) on a linear fence. This distance may be reduced in case of corners, interruptions of the fence, relevant steps, etc.
Please, send us a layout of the fence, so we’ll calculate the bill of material for you, free of charge.


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