Ethernet over plastic optical fiber

The VIDA IP 200 Ethernet switches have two RJ45 pots and two optical ports for plastic fiber.

Ethernet over plastic optical fiber

These internet converters transmit up to 100Mbps, are completely plug&play, convert  Ethernet signals from electrical to optical, and vice versa, for the transmission over plastic optical fiber, as an innovative alternative to traditional copper cables, like CAT5

These switches can be used  for the connection of IP cameras in a digital CCTV installations, and, more in general, in any Ethernet network where a constant transmission speed must be guaranteed, totally immune to electromagnetic interferences.

With these converters, the flow of data is constant in every environment and every condition, so the images of IP cameras are always fluent and clear. Powerful electrical wires or factory machines, for example, which commonly hamper the flow of data along traditional copper cables, have no effect on a plastic fiber cable, as it is an electrical insulator. No electro-magnetic interferences can influence the quality of data transmission, so the plastic fiber cable can be safely laid also in ducts containing electrical wires


Plastic fiber LiteWIRE is extremely easy to handle and install, unlike traditional glass fiber: it can be bent without breaking, and it carries visible light from the converters, so the installer can see the signal coming out of the fiber. In addition to it, plastic fiber is quick to terminate and to repair using basic electrician’s tools


“The real alternative to CAT 5 cables”

  • Operating distance 100m

  • Bandwidth 100Mbps

  • Origin Made in Italy

  • Certification EMC 2014/30/UE

  • Electrical ports 2 porte, RJ45

  • Optical ports 2 porte, FSMA

  • Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3

How it works

The VIDA IP Ethernet switches have two RJ45 pots and two optical ports for plastic fiber. (IP camera, PC, encoder, alarm panel, IP phone, etc) is connected via a network cable to the RJ-45 port of the switch and the electrical signal is converted to an optical one, which is transmitted over plastic fiber.


  • Distance: 200m
  • No interferences: reliable network with constant transmission speed
  • It can be installed along electrical wires too, compliant with safety regulations
  • Thin cable: 2.2mm x 4.4mm
  • Protection from ground loops and lightning.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use VIDA IP switch with traditional single mode/multi mode optical fiber?
  • How many switches can I connect in line?
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