LiteBLOCK - Anti-theft detector for equipment on job sites and farms

One single anti-theft system can protect several tools and machines, which are different to protect with traditional solutions.

Protect machinery and equipment on farm and job sites!

LiteBLOCK is a stand alone system composed of the following elements, contained in an outdoors water tight case:

  • LiteFENCE analyser, which transmits and receives the light signal over plastic fiber and detects if the cable is bent or cut.
  • LiteWIRE armoured cable ( from 10m to 100m)
  • Mini alarm panel with GSM dialer (optonal), to inform the person(s) in charge of the security
  • battery (not included)

The palstic optical fiber cable LiteWIRE, mechanically protected by a double metal armouring, goes through and/or fastened to the goods you want to protect. After the plastic fiber LiteWIRE is connected to the LiteFENCE analyser, an alarm is treiggered when the fiber is cut, moved or unfastened. The alarm is set off via the mini-alarm panel with GSM dialer, which may be provided with the LiteBLOCK solution.

Vibrations are not detected by the analyser, so they cause no false alarms.

  • Analyser LiteFENCE, sensibile al taglio e alla piega del cavo

  • LiteWIRE cable with double armouring Pachcord terminated with FSMA connectors (from 10m to 100m max., custom length)

  • Alarm panel Mini alarm panel with GSM dialler (optional)

  • Open collector outputs 3 (low battery, overload, network)

  • Battery compartment Batteries not included, one lead battery (12V 48Ah), for 3 days.

  • Power 230V

LiteBLOCK is composed of:


LiteWIRE plastic fiber cable

Outdoor transportable casing (52x22x45cm) and mini alarm panel: customization to be agreed upon.

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