LiteCOPPER is an analyser which sends and receives an encrypted light signal over plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE. The signal received is analysed and if there are variations, it gives an alarm via a normally closed relay. Bends and movements of the fiber cable cause variations and generate alarms. On the contrary, vibrations don’t result in variations of the light signal, so no alarm is generated. This very feature makes the whole system particularly robust to false alarms.

LiteCOPPER sensitivity level can be manually adjusted to be suitable for the environments and for the installation needs. The sensitivity range of LiteCOPPER has been tuned to detect the mechanical stresses induced on the LiteWIRE plastic fiber when it is installed for the protection of copper wires in underground ducts and cable trays.

After an alarm, if the fiber has remained intact, the system re-sets automatically, adapting to the (new) position. Besides, the device auto-calibrates according to humidity and seasonal changes, requiring no further adjustments.

LiteCOPPER has a built-in Power Meter, which measures the loss of optical power of the signal (=attenuation) through the fiber. The Power Meter function helps the installer check if the plastic fiber LiteWIRE is being laid correctly during installation or if it needs re-positioning.

LiteCOPPER has two relay outputs for alarm signal: a common electrical output, and an optical output. Either of them can be used. If you choose the optical output, you’ll connect it with plastic fiber LiteWIRE to a special receiver. Plastic fiber carries alarm signal in any environment without any noises and without risks of ground loops or lightning.

LiteCOPPER is suitable both for loop connections and for point-to point connecctions. Besides, the light signal can be repeated by adding LiteCOPPER devices. In case LiteCOPPER is used as a repeater, the installer may decide whether to keep the alarm output for every single device or to group them.

Power MeterBuilt-in
Operating range 0-300m (30dB)
Power (DC)12V-24V±10%
Consumption at 12VDC250mA
Max. power3W


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