LiteFENCE Lite

LiteFENCE Lite is an analyser for plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE. It transmits an encrypted optical signal and receives it. It analyses the light signal and triggers an alarm when the signal is interrupted.  In the perimeter protection system for grilled and rigid electro welded fences, this analyser is combined with an SV Lite sensor, which turns the oscillations of the fence into an interruption of the light signal crossing the cable, so that LiteFENCE Lite analyser triggers an alarm.

LiteFENCE Lite is extremely flexible and, by putting or removing a jumper, it works as a transmitter, receiver, transceiver or amplifier. It can be connected to any alarm panel with a normally closed relay.

Every LiteFENCE Lite can manage up to  3 SV Lite sensors, for a total fence length up to 100m.

Quick technical facts
Consumption110mA at 12VDC
Operating temperature-20°C +60°C
Protection ratingIP55


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