LiteSUN is a device which sends and receives an encrypted light signal over plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE. If the device doesn’t receive any signal back or if that signal is very weak, this analyser sets an alarm off via a normally closed relay. Bends and movements of the fiber cable don’t generate any alarm, unless bends are extremely tight. This very feature makes the whole system particularly robust to false alarms, because the fiber must be cut or heavily damaged in order for LiteSUN to generate an alarm.

LiteSUN is suitable both for loop connections and for point-to-point connections. Besides, the light signal can be repeated by adding further LiteSUN analysers every max. 300m. In case the analyser is used as a repeater, the installar may decide whether to keep the alarm output for every single device or to group them.

Operating range0-300m (30dB)
Operating temp.-20°C ~ 60°C
Power (DC)9-12 VDC
Consumption at 12VDC110mA max
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