SV Lite sensor

This totally passive sensor detects the oscillations of a grating or electro-welded fence when an intruder climbs over it. SV Lite sensor is placed either directly on  the grilled module or on the post, depending on the type of fence, and it detects oscillations in both direction up to 20m, so one sensor can protect up to 40m. In case of corners or fence interruptions, the oscillations are not propagated, so more sensors are necessary.

Two pre-cabled patch-cords (20m each) of plastic fiber LiteWIRE come out of every SV Lite sensor. One LiteFENCE Lite analyser can manage up to 3 SV Lite sensors in a line, interconnected to each other with a coupler. The analyser sends an encrypted light signal over the fiber and through the sensors: another analyser receives it and, in case, sends the signal over to the next one. When an intruder climbs over the fence creating oscillations, the SV Lite sensor interrupts the light signal and the analyser triggers an alarm via a normally closed relay.

Quick technical data
PowerIt’s totally passive
Operating rangeUp to 20m on both sides (2x20m=40m)
Analyser to be used withLiteFENCE Lite
Max. number of sensors per analyser3


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