Security bars with a built-in alarm sensor

Better security bars or an alarm set? Now you can have both!

Protect your security bars without false alarms!


A new generation of security bars, which combine their physical thickness to in-built alarm sensors.
In spite of their thickness, traditional security bars on windows, air vents, automatic dispensers, etc. can be removed by burglars, and the security of people and objects is no longer guaranteed.

These security bars are specially produced with built-in sensors, which detect if the bars are cut, bent or torn off,  generating  an alarm. The sensors have a relay output which can be connected to any alarm panel.

These alarmed security bars can be used in various industrial and residential applications: air vents, windows, automatic dispensers, grills, etc.

Basically, any grating or cage can be protected with this system.


Special sensors inside the bars detect when they are cut, bent or torn off. These sensors have a normally closed contact which can be connected to any alarm panel.

These sensors are totally insensitive to vibrations: they are free of false alarms also if they remain permanently active 24 hours/day, so they do not interfere with everyday life (not sensitive to animals, children, vibreations due to road traffic or machines, etc.)



  • Not sensitive to vibrations: NO FALSE ALARMS
  • freedom of movement also for animals and plants
  • Suitable for big industrial windows, where traditional bars are too heavy to be mounted on.
  • Cost effective: they cost no more than traditional security bars
  • H24: alarm is always active, no need to switch it on/off
  • Custom design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Invisible from outside



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I secure xisting security bars with this system?
  • Are there sesign restrictions for security bars?
  • Do I need to add an extra wire from the window to the alarm panel?
  • Do you supply the alarm sensors alone?
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