5-year guarantee

We select our suppliers very carefully and we monitor every step of the production, which takes place in Italy, both of the plastic fiber LiteWIRE and of the devices. For this reason , we are sure that our products comply with all requirements and we are proud to extend the legal guarantee concerning manufacturing faults to
5 years. 


Project development & advice

Starting from the site layout that the customer provides, we prepare the bill of material, a connection scheme and a presentation of our solution. In this way, our customers can actually spare time and learn how our solutions are applied on a real case.

We know that our solutions are easy and reliable at the same time, but we are also aware that choosing a new technology often requires an effort and a “fight” against traditional mindsets. We want to support our customers, let them spare time and understand our technology better. Customers may wish to take a look at technical information (videos, manuals, datasheets, etc.) for themselves by signing up at our reserved area of the website, which we always try to keep up-to-date. In addition to it, we are always available for advice and we really appreciate when customers send us a layout of their project. Working on a  “real case” is more exciting, as we can explain our technology in an easier way, and the customer can see a real example and make comparisons with alternative solutions.

Support on project development is invaluable for a new technology….and it’s free of charge with Naria Security. 


Support over the phone

We trust our customers to read the installation manuals and watch the tutorial videos before installing our security solutions. However, we know that real installations sometimes present unexpected difficulties or special cases which are not dealt with in a manual. We want to be close to our customers and help them through an exchange of experience. For this reason, we are available for further phone assistance before, during and after the installation of our products. Free of charge.

After-sales assistance

We provide user friendly solutions with high quality components. However,  we are aware that assistance after installation may be required for a combination of reasons. As a manufacturing company with very experienced professionals, we grant an accurate after-sales support, enabling the installer to solve problems just with phone assistance in most of the cases, whereas an on-site assistance, which we also provide,  is rarely necessary.

Trial on the field

On request, as an additional service, our engineers can support our customers with field trials, supporting the customers on site before, during or after product installation.

Network of sales reps

We want to be close to our customers, who need to see and experience our products directly. For this reason, in Italy, we have created a dense network of local sales representatives, who also have technical knowledge: they don’t only visit customers, but they also visit  installation sites located in their region. Our distribution partners  in the main European countries have technically trained staff, who can explain how our products work, where they can be succesfully employed, and provide first-line support.
At the moment, we supply our solutions to extra-European countries directly.

Seminars for installers

A new technology, also if it is a very user friendly one, needs to be explained and tried first hand in order to be fully understood. To get familiar with our products, seminars and practical trainings are essential: we organise them regularly, either in cooperation with our distributors in Italy and abroad, or at our premises. Webinars will also be organised soon, in order to reach a greater number of people without travel costs.

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