Our history

We engineer and manufacture security solutions which are innovative, easy and reliable at the same time. These solutions can be applied to a wide range of applications in security and data transmission (perimeter security, CCTV, factory automation, LAN, etc.).

In order to keep installation simple, most of our solutions employ special cables of our own manufacture in plastic optical fiber: a particularly user-friendly type of fiber which is easy to install and terminate.

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, Naria Security has decided to control the whole production chain directly, with internal product development and cable manufacture, and availing itself only of local production partners.


Naria Security is now a “PMI innovativa”, i.e. an Innovative Small-Medium Enterprise, thanks to its investments in research and development

Naria Security took over Luceat’s business unit related to security, inheriting the company’s valuable knowledge and the long term experience with the production of plastic fiber cable and board engineering.

Luceat headquarters moved from its first premises in Dello (BS, Italy) to a larger production site in Torbole Casaglia (BS, Italy).

Luceat enters the market of perimeter intrusion protection systems launching LiteFENCE

the analyser LiteSUN over plastic optical fiber began to be used as an anti-theft system for solar panels.

the data converters VIDA were launched on the market for the signal conversion transmission over plastic fiber of analogue cameras

Luceat was founded, with the mission to research, develop and manufacture data and light transmission systems over plastic optical fiber. It was the only plastic optical fiber manufacturer in Europe.
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