We want our customers to have only good experiences with our products. To do so, we must start from the design and engineering, over to production, testing and shipping.


All of our devices have been designed and engineered in order to comply with  certification standards for safety and quality, according to the following rules:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility : EMC 2004/108/CE
  • Reduction of  Hazardous Substances: ROHS II 2011/65/C
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) on most of our analysers
  • ISO 9001 for most of our analysers
  • UL on our PCBs

All certifications are available on request

Quality standard for electronic devices

Every single device we provide has been designed and engineered internally, so we are able to answer any technical questions a customer may have. Our engineers have been working on the research and development of devices based on plastic fiber for over 15 years, so also before the creation of Naria Security. They’ve consolidated their experience also with the participation to important EU funded research projects.

We  co-ordinate and closely co-operate with few selected local manufacturers to whom we have entrusted the production of our boards . Then every single device is carefully tested before being shipped, to make sure that every function is operative.

Quality standard for plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE

We produce the LiteWIRE cable in plastic optical fiber directly in our premises. Our manufacturing process is consolidated by our valuable operators, who count on experience of over 15 years, enriched by research in this field.

Every single spool of LiteWIRE cable is tested for attenuation rates. All of our cables confirm the following attenuation rates:
<100dB @ 525nm (green light)
<150dB @ 625nm (red light)
We are the only company  whose plastic fiber cables are measured for attenuation @525 nm (green light) in spools up to 1,000m

Aging tests of LiteWIRE have assessed a product life of  over 20 years.

We can provide a plastic fiber cable with a sunlight resistant jacket which contains UV filters, in compliance with  UL 1581 section 1200, UL 2556, ISO 4892-2, EN 50289-4-17 and ASTM D 2565.

Plastic fiber cables LiteWIRE have a CE Mark, as they are compliant with the regulation EN 50575: 2014 /A1 2016 (“Power, control and communication cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements “). Reaction to fire: Eca.

Made in Italy

Plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE is produced in our premises, and the devices we supply are produced by local selected manufacturers. We are proud to state that all our solutions are “Made in Italy”

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