LiteFARM is the anti-theft system for equipment on farms and job sites

LiteFARM is the electronic padlock which secures tractors, machines, trailers and equipment in general which would be difficult to protect otherwise.

One alarmed chaina. One single anti-theft for many objects. Zero false alarms

This anti-theft system is suitable for the farm environment, because you can walk on the cable, it is resistant to water and dirt, and, above all, because it is not sensitive to vibrations, due to small animals, for example.

It is composed of an alarmed chain which is goes across the objects you need to secure, just like a bicycle chain: a thief must cut the chain to steal the object. This alarmed chain is an armoured cable with sensitive core in plastic fiber. A light signal, generated by the analysing board LiteFARM goes through it. With LiteFARM Mini An alarm is only triggered when the chain is cut, whereas with LiteFARM Plus the alarm is also generated when the fiber is bent: this system allows early intervention in case of attempt of theft.

Both versions of LiteFARM analysing boards can be connected to any alarm panel with an NC contact, so the alarm signal is properly managed (with a connection to a siren, phone call/sms, etc.)

The armoured cable is supplied in patch-cords of different lengths, (usually a few tens of meters), which can be joined together, so that a single sensitive loop can easy protect many machines and tools, also of considerable dimensions. In this way, one single chain can protect many objects, including trailers, tools, equipment, doors, tanks, temporary fences, etc.

  • LiteFARM Mini analysing board only sensitive to cut of fiber cable

  • LiteFARM Plus analysing board sensitive both to bend and cut of fiber cable

  • Power (DC) 12V

  • Alarm output normally closed dry contact, compatible with any alarm panel


  • Zero false alarms: it only detects when the alarmed chain is cut or relevantly bent, not vibrations or small animals. Insensitive to vibrations
  • One single anti-theft system for many tractors, machines or tools
  • It can be walked on
  • Resistant to water and dirt
  • Easy to activate/deactivate
  • Safe: only light runs through the chain, no electricity, so there is no risk of short-circuits or electrocutions.
  • Always active: the anti-theft system can be kept active while people work or walk near the objects protected, without interfering

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  • Antifurto agricolo Mini e Plus
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