HD video converters

HD VIDEO converters for plastic fiber are compatible with any AHD and Full-HD cameras up to 1080p, as well as to any PAL/NTSC camera up to 1000 lines.

Innovative solution thanks to plastic fiber

Thanks to the use of plastic fiber, the images of the analogue cameras arrive at the DVR maintaining their perfect image quality. These high performances are guaranteed in every condition and every environment, also where there are electromagnetic noise (caused, for example, by powerful electrical wires or factory machinery) would create heavy interferences on common copper cables.

Not only. As plastic fiber is made of an insulating material, it can be run directly in the conduits beside electrical wires without any concerns for safety or interferencies. The use of electrical conduits considerably reduces installation costs. The small dimensions of the plastic fiber cable (2.2mm!) and the jacket in auto-lubricating material make installation easy also in conduits full of other wires.

Besides, plastic fiber is very easy to install and handle, unlike traditional glass fiber. Plastic fiber has a bigger diameter, so it can be terminated easily and quickly (less than 30 second) also in difficult environmental conditions (humidity, raiin, dust, etc…). As it is in plastic, the fiber can be bent without breaking. In addition to this, the inner plastic fiber transmits visible light, so the installer can check if the signal comes out. This light is not laser, so it is not a risk for the human eye.



The HD VIDEO system is composed of a transmitter and a receiver connected to each other with a  plastic fiber cable. The tramsitter is connected to a camera with a BNC cable(supplied by Naria Security) and converts the signal from eletrcical to optical. The receiver has an electrical output (BNC at 75 Ohm) to be connected to the DVR and converts the signal from optical to electrical. On both devices, the connection fo the fiber is extremely easy: an end of the fiber is cut with a special cutter (supplied by Naria Security) and screwed into the device. There is no need of connectors.

The gain of the receiver is adjusted manually, and convenient “traffic lights” LED indicators help the installer assess if the signal level passing through the fiber is correct,  or too strong or too weak.

The maximum operating distance of the HD VIDEO converters is 200m for AHD /Full HD (or 300m with suitable PAL/NTSC converters). LiteWIRE is available either in standard  jacket (diameter 2.2mm, LSZH) or in an anti-rodent jacket (diameter 4.5mm, double steel armouring).


“This is a really innovative, easy fiber!”

  • Operating distance 200m (for AHD/Full HD), 300m (for PAL/NTSC)

  • Origin Made in Italy

  • Certification EMC 2014/30/UE

  • Electrical input connector BNC (75 Ω)



  • Connector-less: no termination tools required (very cost effective for a single installation!)
  • Real HD video, with no disturbances
  • It can be installed along electrical wires too, compliant with safety regulations
  • Cable with only 2.2mm diameter
  • Protection from lighting and ground loops


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I repair the fiber in case it is broken?
  • Can I use these converters with glass optical fiber?
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