Protection for ventilation ducts

The only intrusion detection system you can apply to ventilation conduits, without false alarms, attached to the outer opening.of the conduit.

How to detect intrusion attemps in an air vent

Intrusion attempts are detected promptly by means of  plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE , which is attached to the frame of the conduit.

Once installed, this detection system  allows free circulation of air while creating a barrier to an intruder on the outer opening of the conduit.

There are a lot of buildings where intrusion is attempted by crawling through ventilation ducts: department stores, banks, shops…
At the moment, our system over plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE is the only intrusion detection system which is specific for ventilation conduits, as it is compatible with  temperature changes and air circulation, because it is not sensitive to vibrations.

A physical barrier is created on the outer opening of the duct, where it goes into the building: the plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE is attached to the frame of the opening with special bolts. The system does not detect any of the vibrations created by the passage of air, so it has no false alarms.

The fiber connects to an analysing board which emits an encrypted light signal running through it: the analyser detects when the fiber is bent or broken following to an intrusion attempt. The analyser sends the alarm signal to an alarm panel via dry contact (normally closed).

When the fiber runs in a loop connection, only an analyser is used, whereas when it runs in a point-to-point connection, a transmitter is used as well.

It will always be possible to pass through the duct when maintenance or cleaning are needed, as the fiber can be released from the affixing items and re-attached afterwards.

When considering the material needed, there are a lot of variables to be taken into account : dimension of the opening, type of frame, number of opening and distance between them…For this reason we must tailor our solution to your project.

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This protection system for ventilation conduits is composed of three elements:

● An analysing board which generates and receives an encrypted optical signal and monitors its variations. This analyser has a built-in and user-friendly optical power meter, so installers chan check any time that the plastic optical fiber has been placed correctly.
LiteWIRE: it is a plastic optical fiber cable that carries the encrypted signal generated by the analysing board
Affixing items to attach plastic optical fiber cable LiteWIRE to the outer frames of duct opening

Please, contact us to get the correct bill of material for your project.

Advantages of  alarm for ventilation ducts

  • there is an intrusion alarm at the very opening, i.e. outside the duct, preventing a person from crawling through and getting stuck.
  • no false alarm due to temperature changes
  • insensitive to vibrations
  • easy to install
  • no maintenance is required after installation
  • suitable for environments with inflammable gases, as the plastic fiber cable only transmits light, does not cause lightning or electromagnetic interferences.
  • maintenance and clieaning of vents are always possible: when the alarm has been switched off, the fiber can be released to enable maintenance and then attached again.

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