Converters for analogue and “over IP” CCTV

VIDEO HD and VIDA IP converters transform the electrical signal of an analogue or IP camera into an optical signal, so that it can be transmitted over plastic optical fiber LiteWIRE. Plastic fiber is an extremely user-friendly cable that eliminates all the problems related to distortion, isolation and lightning, which very commonly come with standard copper cables, like coaxial, UTP, CAT5, etc.

The systems, both converting analogue video signals and Ethernet signals, are composed of the converters and the plastic cable, have many important advantages:

  • Extremely easy-to-terminate cable, unlike traditional glass optical fiber.
    Indeed, some converters are connector-less, so they don’t require any cable termination.
  • Video disturbances are eliminated
  • The plastic fiber cable can be run along electrical wires too, because plastic is an insulator
  • Plastic fiber is very thin, with a diameter of just 2mm
  • Cameras and IP devices connected to plastic fiber are protected from lightning and ground loops
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