Alarm on barbed wire / metal rope

All fences, included walls and picket fences, can be protected with a barbed wire on top, as a deterrent to climb over.
“LiteFENCE for barbed wire” increases the security of the barbed wire by adding a plastic fiber cable to it, which detects cut or flection in case of intrusion attempt.
Alternatively, where barbed wire is not allowed or is not possible for aesthetic reasons, “LiteFENCE for metal rope” can detect attempts to climb over. Two lines of 4mm metal rope are placed over the fence and plastic fiber LiteWIRE is attached to it and connected to LiteFENCE analyser. An alarm is triggered when the fiber is bent or cut.

The whole are inside and outside remains fully available and walkable: people and vehicles can go along the fence also when the perimeter protection system is active. Anti-intrusion detection can be kept active also H24.

How it works

The perimeter intrusion detection  system for barbed wire/metal rope is composed of 4 elements:

  • LiteFENCE: an optical analyser that sends a light signal and analyses the flow of light it receives.
  • LiteWIRE: the cable in plastic optical fiber (with anti-UV filters) which transmits the light signal
  • Tensioning bolts: opto-mechanic accessories which transform the flexion of the cable into a variation of light signal.
  • Clips: accessories affixed to brackets for keeping the plastic fiber cable attached to the barbed wire/metal rope

When an attempt of climbing over or lifting the barbed wires/metal ropes causes flections of the fiber or interrupts it, the optical analyser LiteFENCE detects the variations of the light signal and an alarm goes off. After that, if the fiber has remained intact, the system re-sets automatically, adapting to the (new) position.

Wind and vibrations, due to weather conditions or vehicles passing by do not generate alarms, because the barbed wire/metal rope does not bend.  For this reason, the installation of the perimeter protection system is simple, free of false alarms and does not require the learning of any software program, ensuring a ‘stop to false alarms’

The sensitivity of the LiteFENCE analyser can be easily set to one of the 4 sensitivity levels.

A user-friendly, built-in Power Meter helps the installer check if the fiber has been placed correctly thoughout the installation.

Quick technical facts
Type of plastic fiberLiteWIRE Simplex Anti-UV
Affixing elements (with barbed wire)Tensioning bolts (one every 10m) and clips (one every 2 m)
Affixing elements (with metal rope)Tensioning bolts (one every 4m) and clips (one every 2m)

Excellent for securing existing walls!


Anyone can install the system easily and quickly

No false alarms are caused by weather conditions

No maintenance or adjusting required after installation (slow changes, like temperature changes, growth of vegetation and aging of components, are automatically adjusted)

– Suitable for sloping and terraced grounds too.

– No need for long calibration operations or vegetation maintenance

– Plastic fiber is easy to repair ( around 30 seconds for a connector)

– All the area is available

– Active also H24: people can walk nearby

Frequently Asked Questions

Do birds cause false alarms?

Birds up to 10kg don’t cause any false alarms.

What alarm panels are suitable for this fence alarm?

Any alarm panel is suitable: the LiteFENCE analyser has a normally closed (NC) contact which is compatible to any alarm panel

Can I apply this fence alarm to razor wire concertinas?

Normally not, because the risk of cutting the fiber is very high. However, if you send us a picture of the fence, we’ll check for alternative solutions.

How many meters of fence can I protect with one LiteFENCE analyser?

Considering two passages of fiber, you can protect :
– up to 125m of fence in case of barbed wire
– up to 80m of fence in case of metal rope
(more tensioning bolts are needed to prevent the rope from slipping. Using a more tensioning bolts with the metal wire, the operating range of LiteFENCE is reduced).

Depending on the security level of the site you need to protect, the hight of the fence , the intrusion risks and other factors, the number of passages of fiber can be increased. in the case, the LiteFENCE analyser manages 250m of plastic fiber attached to barbed wire, or 160m of plastic fiber in case it is attached to metal rope.

Do you provide brackets for barbed wire/metal rope?

Yes, on request. If brackets are already present, please send us a picture, so we can check if they are suitable for the attachment of the fiber


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