Alarm on perimeter fences

A property can be protected from intrusion attempts by securing its fence with a suitable perimeter intrusion detection system. This allows to detect intrusion attempts when the intruder is still outside the property, so the reaction time to cope with the intrusion is longer.

How to choose the right solution for your fence

During an intrusion attempt, oscillations, vibrations or flections are created on the fence, depending on the type of fence itself: for this reason, there are different ways to secure it. Naria Security’s protection systems detect, sort and transmit these mechanical stresses to LiteFENCE analysers through a plastic fiber cable LiteWIRE: the analysers transmit and receive an encrypted signal, which cannot be tapped or replicated, and analyse it, generating an alarm in case of variations.

LiteFENCE analyser is compatible with any (existing) alarm panel via a dry contact relay.

NO FALSE ALARMS: one of the main critical aspect of perimeter protection are false alarms. A fence is on the boundary of a property, often in areas which are little visible and little maintained, as well as surrounded by vegetation and completely exposed the weather. In addition to it, different types of fences (or even the same type of fence installed in different ways) may react in different ways to the same mechanical stress. Naria Security’s systems are auto-calibrating and designed to filter all these interferences both mechanically and electronically, proving to be very robust to false alarms.

FULLY AVAILABLE AREA: all the area inside and outside remains fully available and walkable: people and vehicles can go along the fence also when the perimeter protection system is active. Anti-intrusion protection can be kept active also H24.

Advantages of fence protection over plastic fiber

  • Unaffected by wind gusts, snow or other weather conditions
  • Zero false alarms
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • No particular learning required
  • All the area remains available and walkable
  • Active also H24. Peoole can freely walk nearby when the alarm is active

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